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Saving files attached to an issue triggers JS error "Undefined variable: options" (see attached image). Observed with 4.3 version, check the URL in the snapshot.

How to reproduce
  1. Create an issue (in my case, it was of type "Bug report", but this may be irrelevant); "file" it;
  2. Open the issue that you just "filed", and click "More actions" -> "Attach file";
  3. Either browse to, or drag & drop one or more permitted files; click "Save attachments";
  4. Result: toaster gives JavaScript error "Undefined variable: options". The pop-up does not self-dismiss. One has to close the toaster message, close the pop-up (via the "x" button) and refresh the page. After refreshing the page, SOME of the files that were attached do show up in system-generated comments to the respective issue. At least one file did attach in every attempt I made, but I also got two and even three. Note that these were smallish PNG pictures, under ~35K each, so it's something random, but no idea what is.

Observed the bug in "" (I believe hosted accounts always run the latest version). Used a regular user (i.e., not ADMIN user, if that makes any difference).

Chrome Version 72.0.3626.96 (Official Build) (64-bit), running on Windows 10 64bit, version 1803.

Thank you, Claudius

 MAIDENS Developer
Feb 10, 2019 (19:52)

Somehow could not attach a file via the "Actions" button. E-mail me if you need the screenshot.

Aug 12, 2021 (11:00)
Since this is a hosted issue, this has been fixed in the Pachno upgrade.
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