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This is the user guide for The Bug Genie 3. Use this guide as a starting point if you're stuck or if you need help figuring something out.
This documentation has been updated for version The Bug Genie version 3.2.

Places to start
  • FAQ - this has a list of most common questions for installation, setup and configuration
  • Upgrade notes - a list of things worth knowing when upgrading The Bug Genie
  • Getting started - getting started with The Bug Genie
  • WikiFormatting - how does the text formatting in The Bug Genie work


  • Milestones and releases - what's the difference?
  • Mailing - how to setup and use incoming and outgoing email
    • Incoming email - how to setup and use incoming email for creating, managing and replying to tickets
    • Delayed mailing - how to queue outgoing emails and send them in batches
  • JSON API - integrate TBG with other systems easily

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