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Download and install Composer

Pachno uses a dependency resolution tool called Composer, which must be downloaded and run before Pachno can be installed or used.

Download and install Composer from

Install Pachno dependencies

After you have followed the instructions in step 1, run

php composer.phar install

from the main directory of Pachno. Composer will download and install all necessary components for Pachno, and you can continue to the actual installation as soon as it is completed.

Set up a web server virtual host

If you have access to a web server setup, configure a separate virtual host for Pachno, with the document root pointing to the public/ subfolder of the main pachno/ directory.

If you are using Apache, enable url rewriting (the installation routine will help you complete the url rewriting setup), and if you're using IIS, Nginx or others, look at the examples included in the online documentation at

Install via web

Point your web browser to the root of the virtual web host domain you set up earlier. The installation script will start automatically and guide you through the installation process.

Alternate installation via command-line (unix/linux only)

You can use the included command-line client to install, if you prefer that. Run ./bin/pachno from the root folder to explore available commands.

To install pachno, run ./bin/pachno install and follow the on-screen instructions

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