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Upgrading from one version of Pachno to another

Always take backups Whenever you're doing upgrades, always remember to back up your database and installation folder before you start, in case anything goes wrong.


Before upgrading or downloading the upgrade files, create an empty file called upgrade in
the root directory of Pachno. Pachno will detect the presence of this file and automatically enable upgrade mode. In upgrade mode the only available functionality is to perform the upgrade.

The following preparation step applies to upgrading from version 1.0.2 and higher. If you're upgrading from version 1.0.0 or 1.0.1, skip directly to "Upgrade instructions".

After creating the file, run the upgrade preparation script which will make sure to remove any module dependencies present in your installation: ./bin/pachno upgrade --prepare
When the preparation is completed, run composer update to apply the changes.

A note on running composer update during the upgrade process: You will be told to run composer update several times during this upgrade process. The reason for this is that Pachno modules require a change to the composer.json dependency schema to install and handle module dependencies. During the installation process, Pachno manipulates the composer.json dependency file to add and remove these dependencies - but it requires the dependencies to be accurate in different stages of the process. As long as you follow the instructions, this should not cause any problems.

Upgrade instructions

To upgrade from one version of Pachno to another - after completing the preparation step - download the new version and extract the contents of the package over the previous files.
Important: Before starting the upgrade process via web or command line in the next step, run composer update to update dependencies after downloading the new files. (This is in addition to running the command in the preparation step when upgrading from version 1.0.2 or higher)

Upgrading via web

To upgrade via the web interface, navigate to /upgrade under your Pachno installation. Follow the on-screen instructions to perform the upgrade.

Upgrading via the command line

You can upgrade via the command line by running the included upgrade command ./bin/pachno upgrade
Run ./bin/pachno help upgrade from the Pachno installation directory for more information.

Completing the upgrade

After the upgrade has been completed, remember to remove the upgrade file in the Pachno root directory if it is still present.

If you are upgrading from version 1.0.2 or higher: Run composer update to make sure the dependencies are up to date after the upgrade, including your local modules.

Upgrading from The Bug Genie to Pachno

You can migrate from The Bug Genie to Pachno. To perform the migration, extract the Pachno archive to a directory on your web server, then copy the following files from The Bug Genie:

  • core/config/settings.yml
  • core/config/b2db.yml
  • ./installed

Start by running composer install, then run the included migration task ./bin/pachno migrate from the command line and follow the on-screen instructions. Migration may take a while to complete.

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