Pachno cli
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Pachno comes with a full command line client that lets you both interface with and manage your pachno installation. You can find the executable under bin/pachno

This page contains a list of the built-in commands available in the pachno cli. If you want to know more about how to run the different commands, run bin/pachno help command_name where command_name is the name of the command you want to inspect.
Sometimes you will see a second command in parenthesis after the command name. This is an alias for the command. You can choose which one you want to run, they both point to the same command.


This command sets or resets the password for a specific user. Useful if you want to run automated recovery or quickly reset a user password.

clear-cache (cc)

Clears the local cache. Useful when upgrading pachno.


When developing pachno itself, run this command before and after commits to make sure external module dependencies aren't mixed in with pachno dependencies.


Scaffolding task to create all the files needed to start working on a new module


Install pachno via the command line, an alternative to the web installation.


Run pachno upgrades via the command line. This command should be run every time you download an updated pachno version.

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