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Pachno is built to be extended via what we call modules. In fact, a lot of the functionality you see and use is created using the built-in extensions functionality. Creating core functionality as modules helps us always look for ways to improve the way Pachno can be extended.

The documentation in this section will show you some of the core concepts of Pachno and help you get started with creating your first extension.

API integration or Module?

In addition to being extendible, you can also integrate with Pachno via its external APIs. You don't have to use the APIs to extend Pachno, and you don't have to extend Pachno to integrate with it. When do you choose one over the other?

Modules (extensions)

Modules (extensions) gives you direct access to the Pachno core, as well as ways to override and extend pieces of functionality. If you want to build additional functionality on top of Pachno, or want your functionality to blend in with the existing functionality, a module is what you want.Building your functionality as a module also means you can share it with others in the extensions section of the pach.no website!


If you're building software or tools that you deliver to customers or users and want it to communicate with Pachno so you can receive data, bug reports or activity and feed it into Pachno, you will want to use the APIs.

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