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Creating issues in The Bug Genie requires one or more existing projects, as all issues are filed against projects.

How to start creating an issue  

When a project has been created, an issue can be filed by either using the "Report an issue" tab inside the project space, or by using the "Report an issue" button on the frontpage, if the project is visible there. Both methods will let you pick an issue type directly via a dropdown menu. If you don't specify an issue type (by clicking directly on the "Report an issue" links, you can specify as the first step on the reporting page.

Specifying issue details  

When you report an issue, you have to specify the details you want to be saved with the issue when it is reported. By default these details include items such as a descriptive title, a longer description about the issue and a reproduction step list.

The available and required fields you have to fill out vary depending on the type of issue you are reporting and the associated IssuetypeScheme. The only field that will always be available (and required) is the descriptive title, other fields may vary. A short description of each possible field follows:


This is a short (max 150 char) but descriptive overview of the issue you're filing. It should be descriptive enough to identify the issue, but short enough to fit on one line.
  • Bad example: The application crashes constantly
  • Good example: Whenever I let my cat sleep on the keyboard, the application crashes after about two hours


A thorough description of the issue. Use as many words as is needed to describe the issue. Pretend that you're describing it to your mom.
  • Bad example: The stupid application crashed on me! Just as I was about to send my document!"
  • Good example: I opened up the application to write a letter to my aunt. I had been writing for two hours non-stop, and was about to send it, when I tripped and accidentally hit some keys on my keyboard and the application crashed with a message saying "Invalid key combination: CTRL+ALT+PAGEUP+F+S+L+G"

Reproduction steps  

A step-by-step guide to reproducing the issue you're reporting. Try to be as descriptive as possible and include any and all steps that would be necessary to reproduce the issue for someone that has never experienced it.
  • Bad example: The application just randomly crashes, and I have no idea when, where or why. It's usually dark and I don't know what I'm doing
  • Good example:
  • Open Application
  • Click "New document"
  • Type some text
  • Accidentally trip and hit the key combination CTRL+ALT+PAGEUP+F+S+L+G
  • Observe application crashing

Additional details  

Depending on the issue type scheme, there might be additional fields available in the grey area below the main reporting area (known as the "additional fields area") where you can add less important, but still potentially useful information about the issue. If such fields are reportable and marked as "additional", they will show up here, instead of in the main reporting view.

Submitting an issue  

When you've filled out the form and are ready to submit the issue, click the "file issue" button located in the green bar below the main reporting area. As soon as the issue has been saved, it will - based on the settings for that specific issue type - either reload the page with a new reporting form and a link to the submitted issue at the top, or redirect you to the issue you just reported.

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